Sunday, May 18, 2008

Brandzigners - Graphic design Services

Brandzigners team offer a wide range of services including primary and secondary visual communication design, Brand identity, product branding, logo design, illustration, print, and web images design utilizing traditional and electronic art production methods. Our designs are fundamental in building a brand and visual communication with the target audience. We are full service Branding company. Our graphic design services include:

Basic graphic standards
Redesign of icon/logotype
Product icon/logotype
Defining characteristic colour
Defining characteristic typography

Primary communications
Buisness card
Invitation card
Identity card
Entrance ticket
Compliment card

Secondary communications
Poster B1
T-shirt design
Flag/desk flag
Vehicle design
Paper bag/other bags
Book cover
Price Tag

Package design
Collection identity - <5 src="" height="7" width="10">Collection identity - >5 items
Tobacco, cigarretes, cigars
Gift paper
CD/DVD cover

Interactive design
Banner Ad design
Avatars, Banners, Elements
Web header
Web Icon

Logo Design - Visual Identity

Nowadays an increasing number of new (small and large) companies appear on the global and local market. These companies compete with each other by using modern and advanced approach to high quality services and products. In this ruthless run, it is extremely important to be recognizable with visual identity which will represent the company.
End-users have to be attracted and assured that exactly your company is the proper and primary step in choosing business partners. A sentence ˝not see the wood for the trees˝ is sometimes correct, where wood stands for large number of companies. Your company has to be prominent and the best way to achieve this is to find visual identity or logo. Power of visual identity is associated with quality of service which it will identify, and task of Brandzigners team is to create a logo which will take effect at first sight. Our team will provide you distinguishing, professional, positive and effective logos which will immediately point out qualities of your company. For we think you are the best! Logo has to have an immediate effect. It has to stay rooted in ones memory after the first contact and it does not matter if it's about new or experienced company (for example in cases of rebranding). On the other hand, design has to be ˝immortal˝.
When visual identity is recognized, the basic does not change a lot. It is just periodically renewed, completed, modernized and adjusted to trends and requirements of the market. Our team works on logo development in multiple phases which are necessary for shaping new visual identity to perfection. In co-operation with you, we will attentively work on finding new visual identity which will fit in your company's business policy with symbol, design, press and colours. The final product has to satisfy requirements of the market, as well as to gain a positive review of a stylist, sociologist and psychologist. In agreement with you, we analyze current market activities and provide a survey if there are more than two design versions in the final phase. The process is quite demanding, but we will briefly show you some of the phases which we will go through together. Our business cooperation system is performed directly with you or with operation manager who is in charge of company's visual identity project.

Who we are?

Brandzigners team is a group of young and creative professional designers and marketing experts, a team which provides maximum service in order to reach the highest efficiency during the project. Motivation and pleasure of work is key feature for common success, while everybody has a freedom of creativity within the margins of the analysis results. We are gathering competent employees from different areas of occupation all over the world, which puts our company in a position of desirable partner on the local, national and international market. A large number of satisfied partners throughout the world situate us as desirable partners on the global market. The founders and owners of the company are Mr.Vjeko Mravunac and Mr.Tomislav Vinšek with a head office in Croatia, Europe. We are planning to open a business office in United States and Great Britain very soon, which will get us even closer to one of the largest markets in the world. Participation on international and national competitions is a part of our presentation. With regular attendance of seminars and pursuance of innovations in graphic design, we are trying to follow global trends in order to approach every project with an advanced knowledge.